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Title:Audit and certification
Date of publishing:August 10, 2011
Category:Other content
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Audit and certification

As an expert in socially responsible investment (SRI) Forum ETHIBEL applies its expertise to its own quality labels (Ethibel PIONEER and Ethibel EXCELLENCE).

In addition, we make our knowledge available for different types of audits and certifications with regard to SRI and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In general, this means that you can call on Forum ETHIBEL for:

  • Certification of SRI funds which do not (fully) meet the standards of the Ethibel Pioneer and Excellence quality labels
  • Tailor-made SRI audits (without certification)
  • Social-ethical audits for non-financial products
  • Audits with regard to good governance.

Audits can be confirmed with the Forum ETHIBEL certificate. This certificate is a major asset for organisations and companies:

  • It offers their customers the visible guarantee that all the self-imposed rules of the game have been observed.
  • Many government institutions and NGOs only want to work with companies and organisations which objectively show their commitment to good governance and corporate social responsibility.