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Title:Which companies are eligible to be included in the Investment Register?
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Category:Other content
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Which companies are eligible to be included in the Investment Register?

Companies that receive an A or B rating after the assessment are eligible to be included in the Ethibel PIONEER Investment Register. The Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register also includes companies with a C rating.

The ratings are assigned by the Register Committee, who advises the Forum ETHIBEL Board of Directors on the inclusion of companies in the Investment Register. The final decision is made by the Board of Directors.

Forum ETHIBEL aims for a balanced and varied register which allows fund managers to compose financially and technically sound portfolios. The Vigeo Eiris assessment universe, based on the Russell Global Developed index, is complemented with ‘medium-sized’, ‘small’ or ‘micro’ shares and sometimes with unlisted equity.

For the Ethibel EXCELLENCE label we have the obligation to include 25% of the market capitalisation for European sectors in the Register, excluding the ‘Aerospace & Defence’ and ‘Tobacco’ industries. This is not guaranteed for other regions. As Forum ETHIBEL is continuously looking for companies from all regions and industries, the Investment Register is composed in a balanced and varied way.This gives fund managers the chance to compose a financially and technically sound portfolio and, if required, to add some personal touches.


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