Group Bruges receives a second Transparency ID from Forum Ethibel

At the end of 2019, the city of Bruges communicated the receipt of the first Transparency ID from Forum Ethibel. The certificate describes how the city deals with its finances and which policy areas are targeted. It indicates the motivation of the administration for good financial management and transparent communication about this. 

In the meanwhile, Bruges has also received a Transparency ID for 2020. A new element this year, is that the second certificate not only examines and reflects the city's finances, but also maps the situation of Group Bruges. From 2020 onwards, the ID therefore also concerns OCMW and Police Bruges and describes both the mutual relationships as general trends and specific accents (investment choices, climate approach, social aspects, etc.) 

The content of the latest Transparency ID reflects the situation on the 30th of September 2020 and frames the financial management and policy objectives in the context of COVID-19; as the pandemic dominated life in 2020.

Read the press release from City of Bruges itself here

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