Our vision

Forum Ethibel as trendsetter

Forum Ethibel’s activities consist of three main pillars: ‘Trendsetter’, ‘Tailor-made support’ and ‘Social embedding’. 

In the first pillar, we explain our values and vision on sustainability by giving a balanced interpretation of quantitative data.

The combination of data on sectors, companies and ESG scores (Environment – Social factors – Good governance), with their assessment by a team of experts (Register Committee) results in the Investment Register of Forum Ethibel.

This register forms the basis for Ethibel’s labels, which in turn form the basis for the development of Ethibel’s Sustainability Index. 

The Investment Register

The Investment Register is a sustainable investment universe, consisting of companies and countries to which a sustainability filter has been applied. By assessing data, scores are assigned to companies and countries, which are then added to or excluded from the register.


In the composition of our register, we strive for a balanced sectoral and geographical spread. The aim is to ensure that fund managers can use our register to build financially and technically sound portfolios. 

Anyone can consult the Investment Register for non-commercial use. Sign up here to gain access.

For more information on the selection of companies and countries and the criteria used, please go to Our sustainable universe.  

Ethibel label

Forum Ethibel has developed two labels, based on the sustainable investment universe, namely Ethibel PIONEER and Ethibel EXCELLENCE. 

Both labels are quality labels that show (with a logo) that a product has been certified by an independent and specialised body. They are quality marks for investment funds that only invest in shares or bonds listed in the Investment Register and with scores of A or B (PIONEER) or A, B or C (EXCELLENCE).

We award our labels to different products that meet the same specifications. Financial institutions wishing to obtain a label should apply to Forum Ethibel. Labels are granted under strict conditions which are included in a contract. Forum Ethibel will regularly check whether the fund still meets these requirements.

For more information and to see which funds carry an Ethibel label, go to Labels and certificates

Solactive Corporate Social Responsibility Indices

Forum Ethibel contributes to the construction of the investable universes for the Solactive Europe Corporate Social Responsibility and the Solactive Global Corporate Social Responsibility Indices. These indices, formerly known as the Ethibel Sustainability Indices, are now owned by the index developer Solactive though it still relies on the methodology of Forum Ethibel. Companies involved in significant issues or controversial activities are evaluated individually and potentially excluded. Based on the ESG factors, Forum Ethibel determines the selection of the best players in the universe.

The indices track the price movement of companies within the developed European and Global region. These indices can also be a starting point to develop other indices, such as the Solactive Euro 50 ESG Index Family which selects the 50 largest companies in the Eurozone.

These can be regarded as insightful indicators on the performance of sustainable investments and allow investors to compare this with traditional equities. For asset managers, it is a useful tool for the passive management of sustainable funds.

The index composition can be accessed on Solactive website. This link will provide access to the Solactive Europe Corporate Social Responsibility Index. The index composition provides an overview of all companies that are currently included.