Forum Ethibel turns 30!

Forum Ethibel was born in 1992, when the market for ethical investments was relatively new. At the time, few people were interested in investing their savings in socially relevant causes. We began our journey as a non-profit, determined to independently screen ethical investment funds.

November 2022 marked 30 years of Forum Ethibel accelerating society’s shift towards greater sustainability. We celebrated the occasion in Brussels, in the company of 50 different partners, investors and various stakeholders.

Our chairman Eddy Laurrijssen, former General Director and co-founder Herwig Peeters, and current General Director Kenny Frederickx kicked off the evening by recapping what Forum Ethibel has achieved over the years and looking ahead at the future. Keynote speaker at the event was Florence Bindelle, Secretary General of EuropeanIssuers. She shared her insights on investing in sustainable companies and the challenges that come with doing so.

Watch the aftermovie here:

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